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We are currently researching the impact of stress sensitivity on our experiences of and relationship with the stress in our lives. As we continue to build our framework, we invite you to join us on this journey. Through our weekly discussion groups, blog, and other supportive content and programming, we hope to facilitate a deeper understanding of our unique vulnerabilities and super strengths, so we can be the lovers, creators, healors, ambassodors, friends, family members, leaders and collaborators we were designed to be.

Stress Sensitivity: Welcome
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Our integrative neuroscience research support the theory that while some of us have a hard-wired, genetic predisposition to be highly sensitive to emotions and sensations, there is a lot of variance to how sensitivity shows up in our experiences; day-to-day, and over time.

We are currently exploring the various physiological and psychological factors that may impact our adaptability, in both positive and negative ways. 

If you would like to learn more about Stress Sensitivity and be invited to participate in research, please contact us and put HSP Research in the subject line. You can also sign up for our FREE course, which will also ensure you receive the latest updates and information, at

Stress Sensitivity: Who We Are
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